Service Benchmarking for Excellence in Disability Services

    Established in 2013, the Ability Roundtable fosters innovation and service improvement by providing a confidential and trustable platform for disability service providers to benchmark their services across Australia.


      The opportunity for participating organisations to uncover and share innovations and service improvements rapidly accelerates efficiency and effectiveness of services, leading to better service outcomes for customers. The Ability Roundtable's unique value is created by:

      • Benchmarking performance, outcomes and activity at a service level.
      • Offering data-driven, service-specific communities of practice to ensure fast uptake of innovations and emerging best practice.
      • Supporting new members to align their data systems with our national datasets.
      • Strategically engaging with the NDIA to ensure our datasets are NDIS-compatible and future-proofed
      • Providing the strongest protection of member data through use of independent data analysis and strict confidentiality agreements.

      The Ability Roundtable provides a member-controlled space to benchmark against a range of performance measures that enables members to proactively compare performance and introduce improvements on their terms.